In addition to performing, one of Alex’s greatest passions is teaching percussion. He has taught percussion, drum set, and steel pan to a wide range of skill levels and ages, from beginners to advanced college students. While private instruction is likely the most intimate and beneficial way to teach music, Alex believes that there is no cookie-cutter approach, and that one’s own teaching methods should evolve to suit each individual student, not the other way around. This kind of flexibility has allowed Alex to successfully connect with a broad range of students in a variety of ways. He believes that the purpose of his position as an instructor is not only to impart knowledge, but to provide a fertile atmosphere in which students are encouraged to embrace their individuality, and make musical connections across a large spectrum. Most importantly, this will help give them the bravery to be curious and a desire to succeed, which is known to make a difference in their everyday lives as well as their musical future.

Please contact Alex if you are interested in private instruction.